About the Club

Mission: To teach children about the world through hands-on experiences with a focus on achieving a more humane future.


  1. Foster a desire to help and love all animals.
  2. Educate about the whole world.
  3. Educate about all animal related careers.
  4. Educate about how to make a difference.
  5. Explore the world through activities and field trips.


Membership fees are non-refundable.

After you become a Humane Heroes member, you must contact Amanda Smith, Humane Educator Assistant to sign up for each date that you would like to attend. Sessions are the first Wednesday and the third Saturday of the month pending holidays and shelter availability.

Every Humane Hero must have a current Education Program Waiver in order to participate.


Can I attend Humane Heroes sessions before July?

If you would like to come to sessions before July, contact Amanda Smith at asmith@giveshelter.org for more information.

Why do I have to sign up after registering?

In order to plan accordingly, we need a confirmation of who will be attending.

Will I get to play with animals?

Every session will include time with the classroom animals, but due to shelter rules, we cannot allow you to interact with the adoptable animals.

Will I have to pay for field trips?

Most field trips have a low cost for attendance, so there will be an additional fee required for those dates.