Wildlife Center Baby Shower Week

Now through Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

It's the busiest time of year for DCHS's Wildlife Center with hundreds of baby wild animals arriving each summer. The Wildlife Center cares for about 2,000 - 4,000 wildlife patients a year, so these adorable babies can make up a large proportion of the yearly patients!

Young patients require a lot of time and specialized items to give them the support they need to reach adulthood and return to their wild homes.

DCHS's Wildlife Center receives no federal or state funding and there's no fee for bringing in an animal. The program relies on community supporters to fund operations. The average cost of rehabilitating a wildlife patient at DCHS’s Wildlife Center is $100.

So, we're holding a virtual baby shower from April 13nd - April 19th to raise awareness, fundraise, and gather much needed supplies in preparation for the upcoming spring baby season.

Follow DCHS's Wildlife Center's Facebook page during this week to see how you can help make an impact on the lives of tiny wild animals.

We need general donations most, as these enable us to devote resources to the areas of highest need. Donate directly to DCHS's Wildlife Center below!

Donate to DCHS's Wildlife Center

In addition to general donations, we're also happy to accept in-kind donations. If you purchase items locally, you can drop them off at the Wildlife Center’s admitting and reception office (5132 Voges Road in Madison) during normal business hours. You can purchase items locally from any Mounds Pet Food Warehouse (they all have our wish list!) and donate those items in-store.

Alternatively, you can purchase items from DCHS's Wildlife Center's Amazon Wish List. Please note: Due to privacy restrictions, Amazon does not provide us with customer information. If you purchase items from our Amazon Wish List, please forward your receipt to amazonwishlist@giveshelter.org.

Thank you so much for your support! Your generosity gives a second chance to the thousands of babies that will be seen and cared for by the Wildlife Center this spring and summer! Your monetary and item donations will help our Wildlife Center accommodate every animal’s specific needs.

Check out the Amazon Wishlist