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Pelican & Swan Clothing Sale

Now through Sun. Apr 30th, 2023

This design, by artist Lisa Leick, celebrates the success story of these two former patients at Dane County Humane Society's Wildlife Center.

The goal for DCHS’s Wildlife Center is to rehabilitate wild animals and return them to their natural habitat, however some patients are admitted with injuries that are too severe, meaning they can recover but no longer survive in the wild.

The pelican and swan featured in this design were both admitted and treated for injuries that made them unable to be released back into the wild. They remained in our care long-term while they healed. Our rehabilitators continued to care and provide for them until they found permanent placements with a licensed captive wildlife facility and an AZA accredited zoo.

Celebrate the success story of these two animals' rehabilitation while supporting the ongoing work of DCHS's Wildlife Center!

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