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Mounds Fur Fest

 2422 Montana Ave., Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Sun. Jun 12th, 2022

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Each year Mounds invites rescue groups, shelters, and the public to Mounds’ Fur Fest. This festive event brings together people from humane societies, rescue groups, pet food vendors and local pet-friendly businesses. Bringing all of these groups in one place helps instigate partnerships, friendships and cooperative efforts throughout the community for the betterment of animals in need. The public is invited to join in on the fun, including, games, receiving gift bags and coupons, treats, animal nail trims and ear cleanings, and more!

Fur Fest is free to the public and open to visitors who are encouraged to bring their dogs along.

Mounds coordinates Fur Fest each year, not to benefit their bottom line, but to spread awareness about all the great organizations working in the community, and bring new information to the public with educational demonstrations throughout the event. The nonprofit organizations involved look forward to this event as a chance to network, spread awareness, collaborate, and have a little fun celebrating their own efforts.

***No Puppies under 6 Months, No retractable leashes***

Mounds Fur Fest Information