Humane Holidays at Mounds

 Madison-area Mounds Pet Food Warehouse Locations

Tue. Nov 17th, 2020 to Thu. Dec 24th, 2020

Stop by any Madison-area Mounds Pet Food Warehouse to support animals in need this holiday season! From December 1 through December 24 support Dane County Humane Society and Rock County's Friends of Noah C.A.F.E. program by purchasing items off of their wish lists helping give a bright, happy holiday to shelter animals or families in need.

Our wish list is below, and you can even shop online here!


  • PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder
  • Feliway plug in refills
  • Canned, ground cat and kitten food
  • Clumping or clay litter (unscented)
  • Kong Kickaroos
  • KMR milk replacer & nurser bottles
  • Royal Canin Baby Cat food (dry and canned)
  • Cuddle discs
  • Cat food puzzle feeders
  • Greenies pill pockets - cat
  • Cat Toys
  • Cat collars
  • Mounds Purrfect Cat Chicken and Pea Grain Free Formula Dry Cat Food


  • EZ walk harnesses sizes Medium and Medium/Large
  • Soft/moist, small training treats (no hard biscuits)
  • Flea and tick room and carpet sprays or shampoos
  • Greenies Pill pockets - dog
  • Compressed rawhides
  • Bully sticks
  • Halti lead
  • Nyla bones
  • Martingale collars of all sizes
  • Pig ears
  • Canned dog food
  • Flat, non-flex leashes
  • Collars – various sizes
  • Dog toys
  • Mounds Dog Power Original Dry Dog Food


  • Timothy hay
  • Wood chews
  • Rat diet (Oxbow Adult)
  • Rabbit Diet (Oxbow Adult & Young Adult)
  • Guinea Pig Oxbow ® foods: Adult and young adult
  • Bird seed (cockatiel, finch, parrot, parakeet)


  • Wild bird seed
    • Mounds Brand Supreme Mix
    • Finch Mix
    • Nyjer Thistle Seed
  • Tube-type bird feeders
  • Suet cakes
  • Suet feeders
  • Heated bird bath and stand
  • Bird feeder cleaning brushes

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