Pets Reducing For Rescues 2020 Contest Finale

Is your pet part of the 11th Annual Pets Reducing for Rescues weight loss program? Time for the final weigh in! Learn more about the program at the button below!

In 2019 there were 52 final contestants (22 dogs, 30 cats). Underdog Pet Rescue, Dane County Humane Society & Madison Cat Project together received over $3,657. This year we will have over $2,500 in prizes for contestants & door prizes at weigh-ins with a goal of $5,000 to be donated.

Getting Weights at Home

1) Dogs over 10 lbs can be weighed on your home bathroom scale which will be accurate enough. They typically are accurate to 0.1 lb = 1.6 oz.

Just send us a photo of scale readout with time stamp using your phone (email to or text to 608-888-9208 or drop by and use our outside scale anytime and text us the weight.

2) Cats and dogs less than 10 lbs will still need to be weighed on a baby scale or modified food scale that weighs accurately to 0.02 lbs = 0.3 oz for pet safety, accuracy and fairness.

You can buy one on Amazon for less than $50. This is one of our favorites:

or check one out from WTVC anytime for 24 hrs (fully sanitized between uses)


text 608-888-9208
call 608-828-3737

Best of luck,

The PRFR team

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