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Pets Reducing For Rescues 2020 Virtual Midpoint Weigh-In

Pets Reducing for Rescues (PRFR) goes virtual for 2020!

Contestants, Rescues, & Pet Community,

As the pandemic puts stresses on our society we know keeping our pets healthy is a huge priority for our clients and our rescues need our support more than ever with the impending need for care, fostering and rescuing pets from COVID-19 affected households. We also know that more time at home can lead to more treats and possible

So for all those reasons...our contest is still on but going virtual!

We currently have 17 dogs & 23 cats in the contest and are still adding until March 30th (extended deadline)

We have WAIVED the requirement to be weighed on our scales. All contestants (including virtual) will be eligible for over $2500 in prizes based on their paw points.


1) Dogs over 10 lbs can be weighed on your home bathroom scale. They typically are accurate to 0.1 lb = 1.6 oz.

Just send us a photo of scale readout with time stamp using your phone (email to or text to 608-888-9208 or drop by and use our outside scale anytime and text us the weight. We will email you back a signup form to choose the rescue you want donations to go to etc .

2) Cats and dogs less than 10 lbs will still need to be weighed on a baby scale or modified food scale that weighs accurately to 0.02 lbs = 0.3 oz for pet safety, accuracy and fairness.

You can buy one on Amazon for less than $50. This is one of our favorites on Amazon or check one out from WTVC anytime for 24 hrs (fully sanitized between uses)

3) PRFR Virtual Weigh-Ins from Bug's Dog Gym and Bugs Cat Gym conducted using a combination of zoom and FB live and Zoom to keep it fun and interactive! $1000 in prizes, tips & fun!

Dogs virtual weigh-ins at Bug's Dog Gym link

Wed April 1st 5:30-6:30 PM

Wed April 15th 5:30 -6:30 PM

Cats virtual weigh-ins at Bug's Cat Gym link

Thurs April 2nd 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Thurs April 16th 5:30 -6:30 PM

(zoom links will be sent to all contestants next week)

4) If pet is not a WTVC patient a waiver from your DVM may be required if pet is over BCS 7/9, over 10 years old or any underlying health conditions.

5) The three challenges to get extra points are still open (WTVC BabelBark Challenge, Pride & Pack Challenge & Bugs Gym Foster Rescue Cat Challenge) The WTVC BabelBark challenge provides a free fitness monitor and and $50 cash for using their tele-health connection during the contest.

6) We will be launching a PRFR website by April 1st that will be able to:

  • Track "Bugs Gym Foster Rescue Cat Challenge" contestants
  • Allow pledging to contestants (Foster Rescue cats in Bugs Gym to start)
  • Watch live feed and videos from Bug's Gym
  • Learn about cat & dog weight loss
  • Gain points to win prizes

Please email/call/or text with any questions or to enter your pet!


text 608-888-9208

call 608-828-3737

Best of luck,

The PRFR team

Dogs virtual weigh-in

Cats virtual weigh-in

Learn more!