Wildlife Center Photography Sale

Now through Fri. Nov 1st, 2024

Looking to add some beautiful art to your home or office that also does good? 

You can support the work of DCHS's Wildlife Center by purchasing their high-quality photos and prints. These photos feature some of the different patients that have been seen and treated by our wildlife rehabilitators. These photos make a great addition to any space and they also support DCHS's Wildlife Center, with a portion of each sale donated back. Click the button below to browse their shop. 

Staff and volunteers who are entrusted with getting “behind-the-scenes” social media content can tell you that it is both a privilege and a challenge. It takes patience, a lot of coordination, knowledge of camera angles and lighting, and maybe even some squat exercises! Our team has up-close access to many different species, some rare and elusive. But there are many considerations and precautions that must take place. Click the button below to read how they do it! 

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