Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitation: Caring for Sick and Injured Animals

 Brewer Public Library

Wednesday Oct 24th, 2018

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Come meet Jackie Sandberg, Wildlife Rehabilitation Training Coordinator at Dane County Humane Society's (DCHS) Wildlife Center, at this free informational program geared towards adults only. Learn about wildlife rehabilitation in Wisconsin and how staff and volunteers at DCHS's Wildlife Center help over 4,000 sick and injured wild animals every year.

Jackie E. Sandberg (M.S. CBSD) is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Training Coordinator at Dane County Humane Society's (DCHS) Wildlife Center in Madison, WI. Jackie began at DCHS in the fall of 2010 when she started as a wildlife caretaker intern. She then received her BS in Zoology and certificate in Environmental Studies in 2011 and a Master's of Science in conservation biology and sustainable development in 2016, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her M.S. thesis studied the survival rates and home range of rehabilitated and released Red-tailed Hawks. She holds additional bird banding permits and both advanced state and federal wildlife rehabilitation licenses.

Jackie grew up in the Richland Center area and as a child spent all of her time outdoors on her grandfather’s farm. She now returns home as an adult to visit her family and enjoy the beauty of the driftless region. This area has also been home to many successfully rehabilitated animals from DCHS’s Wildlife Center including hawks, owls, rabbits, and more! Her favorite memory includes the release of a female Bald Eagle that was found in Hillsboro, WI after it had been buried under a tree and nest for up to 6 days from severe storm damage. Two local finders pulled her out and called the wildlife center for rescue and transport. Jackie met with them and took the bird back to the wildlife center where it received expert care: a full physical exam, blood work, x-rays, pain medications, and cage rest. Miraculously, the eagle only sustained minor injuries and was able to be released a week later. All of the local farm families gathered together to watch her fly away. The eagle’s mate was spotted with her the day after release, seemingly glad to have his partner back from such a traumatic event.

Dane County Humane Society's Wildlife Center is the wildlife rehabilitation program of DCHS, a private, non-profit, community supported organization located in Madison, WI. The goal of the Wildlife Center is to rehabilitate and release native Wisconsin wildlife and provide information and support to the community. Six licensed staff members and over 200 volunteers or interns work together to help more than 4,000 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals that are admitted to DCHS each year.

Do you want to learn more about this program? Like the wildlife center on Facebook where you can meet their patients, learn about upcoming events and watch videos of wildlife releases. The Wildlife Center relies on the generosity of the community and individual donors to help thousands of animals in need - they don’t receive any federal, state, or local funding.

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