Show your love for homeless pets on Love Your Pet Day! Stop by any Mounds Pet Food Warehouse store in Dane County today (February 20th) and round up your purchase or choose an amount to donate at the register. Mounds will contribute $2 for every $1 donated to DCHS! Learn more.

This year we hosted our second annual Directors' Council Ice Cream and Kittens and we think it was, as last year, a purrfect event. We teamed up with Calliope Ice Cream again to make this event happen. Staci the owner was generous enough to donate all of the ice cream for the event, and even made ice cream for 2023's Bark and Wine as well. As members of DC mingled with several groups of kittens, they were able to sample fun flavors like Lemon Lavender, Chocolate Crispy Rice Treat, and even Hot Peanut Butter!

In 2023 we also hosted a Group Volunteer Experience that allows our donors to come in for a single day and help with many of the tasks that keep our shelter running. And, we had an exclusive DC tour of our F.I.T. (Felines in Treatment) Center where we treat any kitties that have ringworm and is always closed to the public. It was great to let our donors see how ringworm kitties will stay with us for about 20-40 days getting lime sulfur baths until they are cured, then they get to go back into the world to be adopted. And as DC members, it is your support that makes it all possible.

Please look for upcoming emails that will have details of upcoming Directors' Council Events!