What Your Gift Can Do to Help Animals

  • $5,000 can provide care and supplies for 200 animals in foster care
  • $3,000 can provide vaccines and supplies to admit 174 dogs or 114 cats into the shelter
  • $1,000 can provide rabies vaccines for all shelter dogs for 1 year
  • $500 can provide 1 month of food for 3 Great Horned Owls
  • $100 can provide medication and supplies to treat a kitten with ringworm

Thank you to our Board of Directors and an anonymous donor for challenging us all to be our most generous selves. Gifts of any size will be matched all the way to $10,000!!

Please give now and have TWICE the impact for animals and people in our community!

**Gifts made during Bark & Wine via other platforms will be added manually throughout the evening.**