Success Stories

Daisy (Sadie)

Daisy_-_4.2013You may remember the dog I adopted.  She is an Old English Sheepdog. Her name is Sadie. She was adopted by another family and returned a week later because she wasn't eating. Your team took care of her and discovered she had pyrometria. Her uterus was removed and she was back up for adoption a week later. It must have been fate, because I had come to the shelter with my mom, since she was looking for a dog to adopt. I had wanted an Old English Sheepdog since I was a little girl and it just so happened, I was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer around that time (don't worry, I am fine in that department and will be cancer-free by the end of June). Even though it was a difficult time for me and probably not the most ideal time to adopt a dog, I saw Sadie and fell in love with her.

Taroh (Tae Tae)

Tae_TaeTae Tae, now named Taroh, has become the center of our household.  He fit in immediately, is an excellent watchdog, and an even bigger baby.  He sleeps on our foster son’s bed at night, loves to play ball, goes for walks every day, and has a large yard to play in. We adore him and we think he feels pretty lucky too. Two years ago, we had to put our 15 year old Shepherd/Retriever mix down and never thought we would be ready to let another dog into our hearts or home. Our girls, who volunteer there, finally dragged us in to see him and the rest is history.  Thanks for all you do for the animals and for taking care of Taroh while he was "visiting."

Joni & Mike


RoyMy family adopted Roy on Saturday and wanted to let you know that he is settling in well, to his forever home. He has been getting along just fine with our other dog Bella. He is enjoying the constant attention from the five of us. Roy is a very good boy and we are lucky to have him.

Thank you,
Jim and family


Dallas_sittingDallas came to live with me in early January 2013. He is a fantastic, sweet and loving dog. I never expected to bond so quickly. I am the fortunate one. He came into my household when I needed a companion. Although I am his second family, he had my heart within the week. He is very happy, loves to go on walks, and out to the stable where I keep my horse. When he shares the couch with me, he gets a good head scratch. However, belly rubs are his favorite. His manners are impeccable.

Thanks Dane County Humane Society!


Milo and Simba

Milo_and_SimbaWe've had Milo and Simba for 6 months now, and they are such a great part of our family! They may think they're lucky for being adopted, but we think we're the lucky ones who got to bring them to our home. They adapted so well and so soon, that we can't imagine not having them. They like their space for naps, and then the next thing I know, one or the other will come up to me, asking for attention.