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Feb 24, 2021

Building a Legacy to Save Lives


Jeane and Jay are dedicated to animal welfare now and into the future. ​Legacy gifts are powerful ways to support the care and comfort of our community’s animals for generations to come.

Dane County Humane Society has continued to be a pillar of support for animals for 100 years. It is thanks to supporters like you that the work DCHS does continues to be possible. We want to share with you a powerful way you can be a part of the next 100 years of DCHS.

More than 15% of people will decide to include a charity in their will. And many DCHS supporters have already included DCHS in their estate plans.

Like Jeane Kropp and Jay Laurie.

Did it start with Jeane refusing to read “Old Yeller” in primary school because she knew the dog died? Maybe before that, when the neighbors were hauling around a wheelbarrow full of fluffy pups to give away? Five-year-old Jeane demanded one, and her mom told her to ask her dad because he was sure he would say no. In a dramatic plot twist, Jeane’s dad said, “Yes!” Enter “Bingo,” the first dog of unknown pedigree to enter Jeane’s life.

Jay’s early dog experience came in the form of a floofy dog, who came to be known as “Precious.” Born a farm dog, Precious found herself adapting to suburban and couch life fairly quickly.

Jeane and Jay brought their childhood fascination with dogs into their adulthood when they adopted “Six,” a 100+ pound Dalmatian. And thus began their commitment to Dane County Humane Society, and animal welfare overall.

“We are now on our third generation of dogs. They bring us laughter daily, and the two couches and the wall can be repaired,” says Jeane.

“We became painfully aware, early on as dog owners, of the number of healthy animals being euthanized in shelters nationwide because of capacity limitations. This seemed to be a solvable issue and we wanted to play a part in that solution. We witnessed firsthand the great efforts of the Dane County Humane Society team when we adopted from the shelter, and when we fostered DCHS kittens and puppies,” states Jeane.

Continues Jeane, “DCHS was doing great work and making great strides, but that required funding. When Jay and I were doing our legacy planning, we each wrote down four organizations we wanted to support. When we compared lists, Dane County Humane Society was on both.”

Jeane and Jay are dedicated to animal welfare for generations to come. They know Dane County Humane Society plays an important role of helping end pet overpopulation nationwide through innovation and support of other organizations.

Currently, Jeane and Jay have a goofy and loved rescue named “Bourbon.” Jeane, is convinced they need an additional dog, “because we must continue to be a dual-dog household.” Jay is not convinced, as Jeane monitors the DCHS website to find the next “perfect generic dog that may or may not eat shoes.”

“Do what you can to make a difference for the future. Every bit helps,” encourages Jeane.

​Legacy gifts in wills and other estate plans are powerful ways to support the care and comfort of our community’s animals for generations to come. DCHS makes it easy to become part of the Dane County Humane Society Legacy Society by providing simple options and resources, including a tool to make your will for free HERE.

In our 100th year, DCHS is aiming for 100 new members in the DCHS Legacy Society. Might you join us for the next generation?

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