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Jan 29, 2019

DCHS Supports Ending Wildlife 'Killing Contests' in Wisconsin


Your urgent action is needed! Please ask your WI State Representative and WI State Senator to Co-Sponsor LRB 1453/1.

Wisconsin State Senator Fred Risser has proposed a bill to end wildlife 'killling contests' in Wisconsin, LRB 1453/1.

"In Wisconsin, there is no prohibition to wildlife killing contests. These contests use various tactics to attract, manipulate, confuse, and even temporarily blind wildlife in order to kill as many animals as possible. Dogs, semi-automatic weapons, ATVs, traps, snares, and snowmobiles are often used in such contests, including participants chasing animals on snowmobiles to the point of exhaustion and running them over repeatedly," says Senator Risser in a memo to all Wisconsin legislators. "Many hunters have condemned these contests as unethical and say they create a bad name for those who hunt ethically. This bill would prohibit all wildlife killing contests, much like laws in California and Vermont which prohibit predator killing contests."

Dane County Humane Society supports the ending of wildlife 'killing contests' in Wisconsin and is urging supporters of the measure to contact their State Representative and State Senator asking them to support LRB 1453/1.

This bill is seeking strong bipartisan support in both houses of the legislature before it is introduced, so Senator Risser needs as many co-sponsors as possible by Friday, February 1, 2019.

Learn more about how to contact your Senator and Representative and other ways you can help

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