Aug 15, 2019

Enter DCHS's Online Costume Contest!


Enter DCHS's Online Pet Costume Contest to help animals in need in your community!

Join Dane County Humane Society for their second annual Online Pet Costume Contest! The top three winners of this online contest will win entry to Dogtoberfest, and our top fundraiser will be recognized on stage during the event!

To participate, simply create a Facebook Fundraiser to support DCHS!

  • Any animal can participate in this competition – dogs, cats, ferrets, pigs, birds, and more are all welcome to compete in this online contest.
  • All funds raised during the Online Pet Costume Contest go towards the care of 9,000 animals a year that come through DCHS’s doors.
  • Winners will be announced and notified through Facebook on Friday, September 13 by noon!
  • Prizes are:
    • First place – free 6-pack of entries to Dogtoberfest, a goodie bag for the winning pet, and recognition on stage during the event
    • Second place – free 6-pack of entries to Dogtoberfest
    • Third place – two free entries to Dogtoberfest

To enter, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to DCHS’s Facebook page
  2. Select “Fundraisers” on the sidebar under the DCHS logo
  3. Select “+ Raise Money” on the right under “Send Message” to get started
  4. Enter your goal for how much money you would like to raise
    1. The three animals that raise the most money will win!
    2. You must raise at least $50 to appear on the Fundraisers list on DCHS’s Facebook page
  5. Enter your fundraiser end date as Thursday, September 12 so we will have all results in on time
  6. Select “Next”
  7. Title your Fundraiser “(Your pet’s name)’s Dogtoberfest Costume Contest Fundraiser”
  8. Complete the “Why are you raising money?” section
    1. Suggested text:
      1. "Dane County Humane Society provides refuge, healing and new beginnings to 9,000 companion animals, exotic species, farm animals and injured or orphaned wild animals every year. They are adoption guarantee, meaning all healthy or treatable animals can stay at DCHS as long as it takes to find a loving home. They also offer humane education programs, community-based care for pets, foster care for animals for victims of domestic abuse, a pet food pantry, dog training classes, and much more! DCHS is a private, non-profit, community supported organization and not affiliated with any government agency or national animal welfare organization. That means they rely on the support of people like me and you to provide refuge, healing and new beginnings to animals in need. Please consider donating towards (Your pet’s name)’s Dogtoberfest Costume Contest Fundraiser to support this organization and the animals in their care! ! Learn more about Dane County Humane Society at!"
      2. Is your pet an alumni of DCHS? Share their story!
  9. Select “Next"
  10. Select “edit” in the bottom right corner of the suggested photo and “Upload New Photo” of your pet in their fabulous costume
  11. “Drag to reposition” your photo as needed
  12. Select “Create”
  13. Invite your friends and share your pet’s fundraiser to gain support for your chance to win!

      Be sure to get your fundraiser set up soon – the longer your fundraiser runs, and the more you share it, the more funds you will raise for the animals in our community!

          Online Costume Contest 2018 Winner, Truffles
          Dogtoberfest 2018 Couple's Costume Contest Winners
          Dogtoberfest 2018 Costume Contest Winners
          Pug Light

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