Dec 3, 2019

Bub Finds Healing and Love at DCHS!


Kitten was found injured and sick, and you made his happy ending possible!

During the 4th of July weekend, Rebecka found a kitten hiding in a wood pile. The little guy was suffering from an ear infection, an eye infection and was having trouble walking, dragging his front left paw behind him.

Even in such an uncomfortable state, he was happily purring, wanting to cuddle and be held by Rebecka and her family.

Knowing that this sick, stray kitten needed help, Rebecka got him to University of Wisconsin Veterinary Care as quickly as possible. After an initial exam and supportive care, Bub was transferred to Dane County Humane Society for continued care. Our Animal Medical Services team was able to clean Bub up, begin treatment for his various infections and develop a plan for his leg injuries. His back right leg appeared to have a break that was already beginning to heal, but he was unable to use his front left leg.

Bub was made comfortable with pain medication and sent home with foster mom, Kenzie, to give his legs time to heal.

“He was such a cuddly boy,” said Kenzie. “Despite his injuries, he loved to play and snuggle with anyone he met.”

After three weeks in our care, a recheck exam showed that his back leg had healed! He was now able to walk, but his front leg was still not bearing weight and was showing no signs of improvement. Our vets made a plan to remove Bub’s front leg so he could move more comfortably and live a happy, healthy life.

After his amputation and neuter surgery, Bub went back to his foster home to heal. Donning a tiny dog shirt to prevent him from disturbing his stitches, he began his final journey to heal. By mid-August Bub was finally healthy enough to be adopted.

Throughout this medical journey, Kenzie kept Rebecka updated on Bub’s path to recovery. By the time he was ready for adoption, Rebecka knew he was meant for her family. She was thrilled to be reunited with Bub and officially welcome him to her home. It didn't take Bub long to settle in with his new family.

“Within the first week he was acting like a little gymnast,” says Rebecka, “climbing up and down our cat tree and comfortably shifting his weight to balance on things. He honestly just seems happy to be alive; every time you pick up him or even look at him he starts purring.”

He spends his days playing and pouncing on his big sister Mowmow (who is still warming up to this rambunctious kitten) and his nights tucked under the blankets with his parents.

Your generosity makes it possible for us to diagnosis and care for animals with medical needs like Bub. Because of your support, our medical staff was able to address Bub’s many needs and our foster program could give him time to rest and recover.

When you donate today, your gift will have DOUBLE the impact thanks to a $20,500 matching gift. Thank you for donating and creating new, loving families like Bub's!

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