May 12, 2021

Help Dandelion Heal!


Dandelion needed your support, and you helped him heal! He's now living a happy, healthy life in his forever home.

Thank you for helping Dandelion!

You did it! With your help, we raised the $1,500 we need to provide sweet Dandelion the care he needed! Because of your generosity, we were able to complete the surgeries Dandelion needed to heal.

Our vets believed removing both of his eyes would give him the most relief and best quality of life, and we knew it was a big decision. We took Dandelion to our friends at UW Vet Care to see a vision specialist, and they confirmed that Dandelion’s sight was too compromised, and the pain in his eyes too great. Removing his eyes would give him the life he deserved.

Immediately following his eye surgery on June 3, our medical team reported that Dandelion returned to being the same lovey, snuggly boy he’d always been. He craved attention from our staff and volunteers, who were more than happy to meet his demands! He finished recovery back in his foster home and passed his post-op recheck with flying colors.

When Bill heard Dandelion’s story, he knew he wanted this kitty to be a part of his life. Last Friday, Bill adopted Dandelion! On his first night in his new home, Bill reported that Dandelion made himself at home right away, getting around without bumping into anything, using his litter box, and eating “like a T-Rex!” True to his nature, Dandelion craves physical attention and lives for snuggles with his new person. These two are a perfect match.

From Dandelion’s Dad:

"Here is Dandelion in his favorite spot, a soft sofa, and he is totally zonked out! He is doing so well and has pretty much mapped out my condo. He is a litter box champ and he LOVES to eat (dry food plus a spoonful of wet food). I’ve been working with him with toys and he is enjoying that, especially the puffy fish. Next I’ll help him with the cat stand. I sprayed it with catnip and he has been exploring it. He likes the fabric and rubs his face on it. He is such a funny guy! He follows me everywhere! If I go out, like to get the mail, he waits right by the door. I have started wearing flip-flops in the condo because he can hear where I am. I think he really likes it here, and Dandelion is the perfect (purr-fect) little kitty! Thank you for helping me adopt him! Before long, this will become Dandelion’s condo that he allows me to live in!"

Thank you for giving Dandelion a well-deserved chance at a loving life — you truly made a difference! Your generous support makes the work to help animals like Dandelion possible.

You can help Dandelion heal!

Earlier this month, a kind community member found Dandelion on the side of the road. He was clearly in need of help and she brought him to DCHS. We quickly determined Dandelion is blind! His eyes are both shrunken and were very infected. He has a severe upper respiratory infection, making it hard for him to breathe. He is also suffering from a bad ear infection, a wound on his back foot, and broken teeth. Despite all of this, he has a bright, happy demeanor, a good appetite, and a real knack for making people fall in love with him. We’re keeping him comfortable with pain medicine, treating his infections with antibiotics, and cleaning his wounds.

As soon as he has recovered from his upper respiratory infection and it’s safe to perform surgery, Dandelion will need several procedures to become a healthy, adoptable kitty. Our vets will first perform his dental and neuter surgery. At the time of surgery, our veterinary team will also determine if part of his foot needs to be amputated. We’ll give him time to recover in a loving foster home before he returns to DCHS to have both of his eyes surgically removed. Have you ever seen a kitty with no eyes? It’s like they’re winking at you all. the. time. And since Dandelion has likely been non-visual for some time, having his eyes removed will be a relief to this happy boy.

Dandelion’s first surgeries should take place at the end of this week, and we expect he’ll be in our care for at least a month before he’s ready for adoption. With multiple surgeries, significant medical needs, and a long stay in foster care, Dandelion’s care will come with a larger price tag than most of our cats. Will you help us cover the cost of getting Dandelion back on his feet?

Please help us raise $1,500 so we can help Dandelion heal!

You can also mail or drop off your donation at Dane County Humane Society’s main shelter (5132 Voges Road, Madison, WI 53718), with “Dandelion” in the memo line.

Any additional funds for Dandelion’s surgery and follow-up care will be used to continue the work our Animal Medical Services does every day to provide high quality medical care to thousands of companion animals each year.

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