Feb 9, 2020

Help Bunny and Hunter Heal


Thank you for helping Bunny and Hunter heal!

Bunny and Hunter are happy in their new homes thanks to you!

It has been a few months since you helped Bunny and Hunter receive the medical care they needed to live pain-free and happy lives. We recently heard from their new families:


Hunter is now called Rory and is doing fantastic. After a few weeks of settling in his new mom began doing groundwork with him every day and he’s turned into a perfect gentlemen. Rory is very smart and brave, and should be a great riding horse soon! His favorite things are playing in the field with his new friends Fini and Dublin, napping in the sun, and rolling in puddles. He’s gained more weight and grown two inches since he was adopted and should be a a big boy one day! "Needless to say I’m completely in love with him and very grateful to everyone who helped him get to safety and find his forever home" said his mom.


Bunny is doing great! She has gained a bit of weight, and her mane and coat look beautiful. Bunny has daily walks and short training sessions to see what she knows, and is such a quick learner! As you see Bunny and her new horse sibling Darren became friends in no time at all. "I really would like to thank all of those who generously donated funds to bring her back to health" said her mom. "Bunny and I both appreciate the opportunity to give her another chance at a good life!"

Thank you for helping Bunny and Hunter heal!

We have amazing news to share! Thanks to generous support of Bunny and Hunter’s Help Me Heal fund, we raised more than the $4,800 needed for their surgeries and care so they can live happy and healthy lives.

Bunny and Hunter were treated at the Morrie Waud Large Animal Hospital at UW Veterinary Care last week. Bunny received the dental she desperately needed and will continue to receive specialized hoof trims and wear special shoes until her hooves are fully healed. Hunter is recovering well from his invasive gelding procedure and is feeling great!

We are also excited to announce that both of these beautiful horses found homes this past Sunday! Bunny’s family was attracted to her calm and tolerant nature, and she will have a horse sibling in her new home. Hunter’s mom is a vet tech in the large animal department at UW and met him when he arrived for surgery. She spent time with him while he was a patient and was impressed by his mature mind and willing attitude, and fell in love!

Thank you for giving Bunny and Hunter the second chance they deserve at a healthy and happy life. Without your generous support, none of the work to help animals like Bunny and Hunter would be possible. Any additional funds from Bunny and Hunter's surgeries and care will be used to continue the work our Animal Medical Services does every day to provide high quality medical care to thousands of animals each year.

You can help Bunny and Hunter heal!

Bunny and Hunter need your help. In November 2019 they were two of ten emaciated horses surrendered to a rescue in Richland County due to neglect. These horses were not given proper nutrition or care in their previous home, and many of them had ribs showing and other medical concerns. With ten horses needing a high level of care, the rescue contacted Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) to see if we could help. In January, Bunny and Hunter arrived at DCHS, where they can finally receive the medical care and love they deserve. They joined three other horses at DCHS, resulting in a full barn of horses needing compassion, healing and your support before finding new homes.

Bunny and Hunter when they first arrived at DCHS

Upon arrival Bunny and Hunter were evaluated by Dr. Courter with Badger Equine Veterinary Services. Bunny, a grey Quarter Horse type mare in her late teens, was covered in scars. When she first arrived to DCHS, she moved slowly and stiffly due to chronic hoof and leg issues caused by a long-term lack of nutrition and care. Her mouth revealed many ulcers and diseased teeth. Bunny was started on pain medications to help her feel more comfortable, and will need specialized hoof trims that includes x-rays and special shoes to provide her with extra support so her feet can heal. She will also need an extensive dental surgery to have diseased teeth removed so she can live a happy and healthy life.

Hunter, a 2-year-old bay colt, still needs to be gelded to ensure he has a calmer and gentler personality, allowing him to be housed with other horses in the future. However, because one of his testicles has not descended, the gelding procedure will require a much more invasive surgery to be completed at a veterinary center. He will need close monitoring throughout the healing process. Additionally, Hunter’s hooves will also need to be trimmed so he can walk and move easier.

Bunny and Hunter will be heading to the Morrie Waud Large Animal Hospital at UW Veterinary Care to receive the surgeries they need. UW has graciously offered to complete these dental and gelding surgeries at a reduced cost, but due to the specialized veterinary care that is required for large animals, we need your help to provide care and compassion to these two beautiful horses.

Please help us raise $4,800 to cover Bunny and Hunter's surgeries and follow-up care.

You can make your donation online, or mail or drop off your donation at Dane County Humane Society’s main shelter (5132 Voges Road, Madison, WI 53718), with “Bunny and Hunter” in the subject line.

Any additional funds from Bunny and Hunter's surgeries and follow-up care will be used to continue the work our Animal Medical Services does every day to provide high quality medical care to thousands of companions animals each year.

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