Aug 5, 2019

Over 100 Dogs Helped at Community Dog Day


On a summer day that looked like rain clouds might roll through at any moment, 107 dogs were brought by their owners to Community Dog Day at the Boys & Girls Club on Taft Street in Madison.

They received lifesaving vaccines, microchips, flea and tick protection, dog ID tags, and other dog supplies – all at no cost. This was the tenth free vaccination clinic for dogs held by Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) and the fifth one at this location. Community Dog Day events are held in targeted neighborhoods where DCHS has seen the highest intake of stray dogs. The goals are to reduce the number of stray dogs in the neighborhood, increase the number of stray dogs that are reunited with their families and help those struggling economically keep their pets happy in their own home.

Despite two sudden, but quick, downpours, people and dogs weathered the rain and waited their turns to see a veterinarian at the event. Among the dogs at the event was 4-month-old Marley. As a puppy, Marley needs vaccines to help keep him on a path of good health. Marley was given to Rocio as a gift and Rocio wanted to make sure Marley is off to a good start and kept “up-to-date and safe” by coming to Community Dog Day.

While waiting for her turn, Tinkerbell, a small dog with a friendly disposition, was taking in all the comings and goings in good stride. During winter last year, Brea found Tinkerbell, then just a tiny puppy, next to a dumpster at her apartment complex. Brea posted flyers in her neighborhood and talked to her neighbors to try to find Tinkerbell’s owners. Unable to locate Tinkerbell’s family, Brea decided to keep Tinkerbell, who is now 1 ½ years old. Tinkerbell is Brea’s second dog. Coming to Community Dog Day is a big help for Brea and helps her keep both of her dogs healthy and up-to-date with vaccines.

Kuiwen moves often for work between different countries as a scientist. He had to leave his dog, Coffee, behind in China until he could finally bring her to the Madison area about a month ago. New to the area, Community Dog Day helps him take care of his dog until he can get to know this area better.

Serving an important role in her family, Sofy was also at Community Dog Day. Three years ago, Stacie found Sofy, then a puppy, when she went to DCHS to find an emotional support animal for her son who has social anxiety. Having Sofy in their lives has been a great source of support. Being able to take Sofy to Community Dog Day brings them great happiness in being able to keep Sofy healthy and happy.

For most people coming to Community Dog Day, this event greatly helped them with caring for their dogs and ensuring that their dogs are up-to-date with vaccines. In addition to receiving vaccines and microchips, many appreciated being able to treat their dogs to dog beds and coats and toys. With gratitude to our supporters, dogs arriving to our recent Community Dog Day event left on a path towards good health, well equipped with dog supplies to meet their needs.

Special thanks to the Boys & Girls Club for allowing use of their facility, Ayn Steinlein from Blue Dog Grooming for meeting grooming needs, and all the wonderful local veterinarians, DCHS staff members and volunteers, students and professors, and volunteers from the community for their time, dedication, and volunteer services in making Community Dog Day possible.

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