Nov 30, 2021

Super Speed on Three Legs


Generous supporters like you gave this sweet kitten a chance at a happy and healthy life.

Louise arrived at Dane County Humane Society in September after she was found as a stray. DCHS’s veterinarians saw immediately that she needed help: she was underweight and unable to use her injured front paw, and she had a wound in her armpit and bald patches all over her body that were ultimately diagnosed as lice. Veterinary staff quickly cleaned her wounds and started treatment. They estimated she was only four weeks old.

Although we were able to treat many of Louise’s wounds right away, her front paw was a more complex challenge. It seemed likely blood flow to the paw had been blocked, and there was clearly nerve damage. Our veterinarians didn’t think there was a way to salvage her foot.

In spite of the severe injury to her front paw, Louise was a friendly and sweet kitten. Over the next few days, her wounds healed well as we continued to monitor her foot. Our veterinarians had determined removal of her leg would be the best and cleanest method of removing her dead paw, but they wanted her to gain a bit more weight first.

Louise was sent home with a foster mom, Kenzie, so she could be more comfortable while she waited for her surgery. As she was given medication to manage her pain, Louise’s personality began to shine through. Soon, Louise was sprinting around and playing with toys just like any young kitten. She loved getting lots of attention.

In this comfortable environment, Louise gained weight and grew until staff veterinarians were finally able to perform the amputation. The surgery was a success, and Louise was sent home with Kenzie to recover. She healed quickly and wore a cute little sweater Kenzie made for her from a sock to keep her from licking her stitches.

When Louise had healed enough, her stitches were removed, and she was able to stop wearing her sock sweater. She had already adapted well to using three legs.

“Now, she gets to run around ‘naked,’” said Kenzie, “and is a super speedy crazy woman at my house. Her new family is going to have their hands full with this wild lady!”

While living with Kenzie, Louise was discovered by Bug, a former DCHS Carestaff member. Bug had been searching for an additional feline family member for a few months.

“When I found out Kenzie, my friend and former colleague, was fostering a long-haired female kitten for several weeks leading up to a leg amputation, I knew it was meant to be!” says Bug. When Louise had fully recovered from her surgery, Bug brought her home.

“Louise has been doing great,” Bug says. “She’s growing quickly and not letting her missing leg slow her down in the slightest. She loves spring toys and snuggles, and she wakes up with the most adorable bed head.”

Because of supporters like you, staff veterinarians can follow the best path forward for any animal that comes through DCHS’s doors. Your generous support helps kittens, like Louise, receive the treatment and healing they need to get back to important things like sprinting around houses and playing with toys.

When you donate today, your gift has DOUBLE the impact thanks to our generous matching donors. Thank you for donating and helping DCHS heal kittens in need.

Thank you for your generosity and patience! Due to all the support of DCHS this Giving Tuesday, our donation form below may take a minute or two to load.

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