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May 4, 2020

Wildlife Baby Shower Week


Celebrate springtime with Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center May 5-10!

Spring is in full bloom at Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center! This is the busiest time of year for this program with about 2,000 baby wild animals arriving before summer. We have already welcomed baby great horned owls, mallard ducklings, baby rabbits and fledgling songbirds, just to name a few. We care for about 4,000 wildlife patients a year, so these adorable babies make up half of our yearly patients!

Baby patients require a lot of time and specialized items to give them the support they need to reach adulthood and return to their wild homes. While there is no fee to bring an animal to us, DCHS's Wildlife Center receives no federal or state funding, and we rely on our supporters to fund our operations and provide this program to our community. The average cost of a wildlife patient at DCHS’s Wildlife Center is $100, and due to COVID-19, our donations towards this program have greatly decreased. Donating directly to support our wildlife patients is the best way to help, so check out the form below.

During COVID-19, we are unable to accept item donations directly from supporters. However, there are two ways you can get needed supplies directly to our rehabilitators. During Wildlife Baby Shower Week, our friends at Mounds Pet Food Warehouse have offered to feature, sell and deliver items safely to our Wildlife Center! To buy from Mounds, you can purchase over the phone or in-store at any Madison-area locations. They will be collecting these items at each store and providing no-touch delivery to the wildlife center next week.

Mounds Pet Food Warehouse Wish List:

  • Timothy hay (highest priority)
  • Bird seeds- any mixed variety, thistle or black oil sunflower seeds
  • Millet sprigs
  • Suet
  • Puppy pads

You can also purchase other items directly from our Amazon Wish List for safe delivery to the shelter! Please note: Due to privacy restrictions, Amazon.com does not provide us with customer information. If you purchase something from our Amazon Wish List, please forward your receipt to amazonwishlist@giveshelter.org so we may properly thank you for your gift.

Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center relies on you to provide compassion, medical care and new beginnings to our native wildlife patients. Without your support, we couldn’t provide this essential service to our community. Make a gift today to give these babies a chance to thrive and be wild!

To help us clean up after messy baby great horned owls, purchase puppy pads from Mounds or paper towels from our Amazon wish list.
To prepare for our songbird patients this summer, please purchase bird seeds mixes, such as thistle or black oil sunflower seeds, and suet from Mounds or other bird supplies at our Amazon wish list.
Rabbits eat a lot of timothy hay while in our care! This can be purchased locally at Mounds Pet Food Warehouse or from our Amazon wish list.
Provide a good meal for baby Mallards by purchasing bird seed mixes from Mounds Pet Food Warehouse or ordering mealworms from our Amazon wish list.
You can help us provide a warm and safe environment for reptile babies by purchasing ceramic bulbs and heat lamp fixtures from our Amazon wish list.

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