Aug 21, 2018

Wildlife Center Prepares for Influx of Wild Patients


As Dane County residents begin to assess damage from storms and flooding last night, they may find injured or orphaned wild animals.

Right now, Dane County Humane Society’s (DCHS) Wildlife Center is preparing for an influx of wild patients which they generally see after large storms.

“Animals like eastern cottontail rabbits, who have still have young in nests on the ground, are very vulnerable during periods of heavy rains. High winds associated with storms can knock young squirrels or birds to the ground where they are more severely affected by the rain,” says Brooke Lewis, DCHS Wildlife Rehabilitation Supervisor. “Sometimes all that is required is getting the young animal warm and dry so that the mother can resume care, and other times, the animals need to come in for evaluation and care with us. We’re happy to talk through any wildlife situations you encounter after yesterday’s severe weather.”

Every year DCHS’s Wildlife Center takes in over 4,000 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals with the goal of releasing healthy animals back to their natural habitats.

If you find a wild animal you believe is in need of assistance, please contact Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center at (608) 287-3235 before intervening. New patients are admitted by appointment only. Knowledgeable staff and trained volunteers are happy to talk you through the next steps. A baby’s best chance for survival is with its mother in the wild, and DCHS’s Wildlife Center can help you determine when help is truly needed.

DCHS, including the Wildlife Center, is a private, local, nonprofit organization and is not a government agency or part of a national animal welfare organization. The shelter relies on community support and donations in order to operate growing programs like the wildlife rehabilitation program.

Learn more and donate to DCHS's Wildlife Center

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