Jun 25, 2019

Your Voice is Needed!


DCHS supports efforts to block opening of facility for commercial breeding of laboratory Beagles in Spring Green

Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) supports Dane4Dogs' efforts to block the opening of a facility in Spring Green to commercially breed laboratory beagles.

Jill Janssen Kane and Clint Kane, homeowners in the town of Spring Green, WI, are applying for local permits to breed dogs for experimentation. They intend to house most of the estimated 150-1,000 beagles in a former veal barn three miles from their home with 'no outside facilities' for the dogs.

Additionally, they plan to use a residential garage as a whelping facility. Their plan is to bring mothers in 1-2 weeks before puppies are due, whelp them in the garage facility and transport them back to the barn when puppies are 7-8 weeks old. The mothers would be rebred and puppies sold.

Both properties are reportedly zoned agricultural, so the Kanes applied for a Conditional Use Permit from the Spring Green Planning Commission "for the establishment of a kennel in an agriculture building on Big Hollow Rd." According to the Dane4Dogs website, the Planning Commission thought the application was for a dog daycare and/or boarding facility.

Dane4Dogs is asking all residents of Spring Green to attend the Planning Commission meeting on July 17 to voice their concerns and ask the Commission to DENY the use permit. Prior to the meeting, the organization will have volunteers going door-to-door in Spring Green, informing neighbors of what is happening and gathering signatures for a petition in support of an ordinance banning research dog breeding facilities.

Advocates in the region are being consulted as to the best and most effective ways people outside the community can truly be of help. More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

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