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Male | Senior | Domestic Shorthair • Mix | | Front Declawed


Name: Chester

Age: Senior (Exact age unknown)

Weight: 13 lbs.

Personality: Hi there, I'm Chester! I'm a little like Chester Cheetah, except minus the orange and minus the Cheetos. The staff and volunteers here at DCHS have been taking very good care of me and they know the purrrfect technique for giving snuggles and full body rubs, which I love! It's pretty easy to learn, come on over to the shelter and I'll teach you. I've been a little stressed seeing other cats here in the shelter, so if there are other cats in the home, I would appreciate very slow introductions to any new friends to make sure we can properly meet each other!

Medical History: I have been diagnosed with diabetes! Thankfully, it appears I'm in the early stages of diabetes and so the vets here are doing a great job of keeping me comfortable. Diabetes is usually managed long-term with a combination of insulin injections and special dietary restrictions, and proper management can keep me happy and healthy with good quality of life! I would love meet my new vet so we can properly manage my condition!

Adoption Fee: My adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous donor!!

If you'd like to meet me, click the "Learn About the Adoption Process" button below to plan your visit. I am hanging out in the cat room at the DCHS Thrift Store at 6904 Watts Road so come meet me there!


Come find me at the

Main Shelter

5132 Voges Road
Madison, WI 53718