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Baby Girl 

Female | 2 months | Terrier, Pit Bull • Australian Cattle Dog


Name: Baby Girl

Age: 2 months old

Personality: The world can be a real big place for a little puppy so I'll be using my bravery to meet new people, go new places. My new family can help me out by introducing me to all kinds of people and dogs and adventure while I'm still small! I'd love to get my puppy wiggles out with some walks and play time and yummy treat-filled training. Then at the end of the day I'll get all snuggled up in my castle. I mean doggie bed, same thing!

Medical History: I appear to be a healthy girl, but it's always a good idea to set up an appointment with my new vet soon, so that we can meet and make plans to keep me happy and healthy!

Adoption Fee: $475 + tax

If you'd like to meet me, click the "Learn About the Adoption Process" button below to plan a visit to the shelter.


Come find me at the

Main Shelter

5132 Voges Road
Madison, WI 53718