Male | Adult | Domestic Longhair • Mix


Fluffy came to us from a large hoarding situation and will need an understanding adopter willing to give them time to adjust to their new environment. Ideally the cats will go home in pairs, or to a home with a social cat. To reduce barriers to adoption and because of our community's generosity to help the cats from this situation, we are waiving the adoption fee for this cat.

It is important to know that these cats came from an environment where they did not get appropriately socialized to human interaction at a young age. While they may be very cat friendly since they are used to co-habitating with a large number of cats, it may take them additional time to be social with people. It is possible that while your cat may grow to be comfortable in your home, they may never be completely comfortable with touching, petting or cuddling. However, research has shown that while initially the cats behavior may be shut down in the new home, with time to acclimate, many of these cats will be social. This can take over a month of time and adopters should be prepared to give the cat time to acclimate on it's own schedule. Staff can provide additional information to help make the transition to their new homes as successful as possible.


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