Male | Adult | Domestic Shorthair • Mix


Meet Biscuit, the baking sensation, with whiskers of delight and a purr-ful creation.
In the kitchen, he reigns supreme, whipping up treats that are every cat's dream.

With a paw for mixing and a nose for spice, he crafts delights that are oh-so-nice.
From tuna tartlets to salmon soufflés, his culinary skills always amaze.

Flour on his whiskers, a sprinkle of joy. He bakes with love, no time to be coy.
His favorite spot, by the warm oven's glow, where the aroma of goodies starts to flow.

But Biscuit isn't just about baking fame. He shares his treats, earning his acclaim.
Her purr-fect pastries bring smiles all around. In every whisker twitch, happiness is found.

So if you hear a whisker twitch in the kitchen nook, it's Biscuit, the cat who's written the baking book.
With a whisk and a meow, he's ready to bake, creating delights that no one can forsake.

Weight: 12 lbs

Adoption Fee: $75 + tax

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