Join us in our dog training classes! As employees and volunteers of DCHS, you receive a discounted rate: $100 for a 6-week course or $60 for a workshop.

Using positive reinforcement training methods, we'll share with you ways to teach your dog basic skills, to properly socialize, and tips on providing humane care and enrichment. Upon graduation, you will gain an understanding of how dogs learn and you will know how to use life rewards to encourage the behaviors you want to see more of from your dog. You will be impressed by your dog!

If signing up for a workshop, we will email you questions to complete so we can address your needs. Please keep an eye for this email, and complete as soon as possible!



In-person group classes are held in the Training Room at DCHS (5132 Voges Rd Madison, WI 53718). Virtual workshops take place via Zoom in the comfort of your home. Private lessons part of the workshops can take place virtually or in-person at DCHS - your choice!

People in Classes

To keep everyone safe and healthy during this COVID pandemic, we can only allow one adult person per dog in the class. Keeping other household members consistent with your training is essential. Please share the materials and handouts that you acquire in the class. You are welcome to Zoom (or other) to household members at home during the class.

First Classes

The first class for Puppy Preschool, Canine Kindergarten, and Good Dog! Fundamentals is for people only. Please arrive to the first class without your dog to learn behavior and training fundamentals to help you in class when you bring your dog.

Dogs that shouldn't attend

Dogs that are aggressive towards people; dogs that cannot safely be controlled on-leash in close proximity to other dogs; and dogs that are unable to stop barking at other dogs for the duration of class are not permitted in class.


Registration fees for classes are non-refundable.


If you have questions, please email

Training Class Policies

Health & Vaccinations

I certify that my pet is current on his or her vaccinations for Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper, and is currently on a flea prevention program. I also certify that to the best of my knowledge my dog is free of parasites, internal and external, and free of communicable diseases. I agree to NOT BRING my dog to the building or grounds of Dane County Humane Society if I know or suspect that my dog is ill. If my dog is too young to have been given all of these vaccinations, they will be administered at the appropriate age. I will keep my dog current on all such vaccinations, titers, or other vaccine-related recommendations made for my dog by my veterinarian while attending Dane County Humane Society’s classes.

Risk & Injuries

I understand that being around dogs and participating in activities at Dane County Humane Society involves the risk of injury to my dog and me. In consideration of being allowed to participate in classes and other dog training activities, I accept these risks. I accept full responsibility for the acts of myself, my dog, and my guests while attending these classes. I understand that Dane County Humane Society cannot be held responsible for any injury caused by me or my dog, or to me or my dog, and I release Dane County Humane Society, its employees, members, and volunteers from all claims of liability, for injury, disease or damage that I, my guests, or my dog may suffer or cause while on the grounds of Dane County Humane Society.

Photo Release

I also agree that Dane County Humane Society may photograph or video my participation in any of the dog or puppy training classes and I hereby release any such photographs and/or videos to Dane County Humane Society for its use in programs, publications and other purposes.