5 Male Rats 

Rodent | Male | Age: 1 year | Fancy/ Dumbo ratss

Their all well tamed. Never shown aggression. They have not been neutered or have had vaccines. They're all very sociable with people and other animals such as dogs and cats.

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5 Male Fancy/ Dumbo Rats

Medical History
They've never been sick and they've always been kept in well health.

Ideal Home
If they were rehoming in pairs I believe that would be ideal for these little guys.

Physical Description
Big healthy weights. Very active they love treadmills. Theirs some that are black, grey, and a beige color.

Other Information
Unfortunately I'm going through a break up and will be splitting ways from my previous partner and the only place I have to go right now does not allow pets of any sort.

phone: 608-286-0198

email: Kristian.b.legacy@gmail.com

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