Dog | Male | Age: 1.5 years | Mixed | Spayed/Neutered

He is shy initially, but then really likes to show his love. He will greet you by trying to jump and “kiss” you. When content, he is very affectionate. He can sometimes be over-protective of someone or something he cares about.

Other Animals
We had another dog, but have since been separated. They got along very well. Sometimes playtime would get rough, but never any injuries.

Medical History
He is spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations. No other issues medically.

Ideal Home
He needs to have a yard where he can run, as he is very energetic. Since we moved from a home with a large yard to an apartment, he no longer has the space he needs.

Physical Description
He is about 50 lbs, slim and slender. Stands under 2ft tall and 2ft, 8inches long. Beautiful tru-color cost (black, brown & white).

Other Information
Since being attacked by a ground hog at the park he has been defensive and fearful, leading to reactivity towards strangers, other dogs and wild animals.

phone: 6082793320


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