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Arthur (Arty) 

Dog | Male | Age: 5 | Jack Russell Terrier Mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Arty is a handful but very fun. He is so sweet, playful, and can be vocal. He lets you know when it is time for walks or treats. He attended the Puppy Den for his basic skill training, is potty trained, and has overall pretty good manners. He can be pushy, so he must have consistency and structure in his life. He started to act out and develop behaviors at about 1.5 years old. He became very territorial of his house, space, and me around people. With other dogs, he became territorial with dog beds, toys, and spaces he liked to be like under tables with unfamiliar dogs. I can grab toys and food, clip his nails, pick him up and be up close and personal with him spaces. He has never bitten me, my parents, sister, boyfriend, or close friends. You can say that he is clicky and only has a handful of people he trusts as much as he trusts me. He can be incredibly stubborn, and he knows how to push my buttons. Many people in my life call him the sour patch dog. He can be so rude one minute but then so cuddly the next. He has bitten people before so he is often muzzled if guests are in the house and luckily no blood. He attended KANE9 Dog training where he learned basic manners and they worked heavily on his mindset. We got into good routines for when company comes over that we haven't had an accident since his training. My goal is to find someone that will keep setting him up for success. Overall, he is a sweet boy with a lot of love and life still to give.

Other Animals
He does well with cats and enjoys having dogs around once he warms up them. It takes a bit for him to warm up but once he does, he loves being a part of a pack.

Medical History
He is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. Overall very healthy and has no major medical issues.

Ideal Home
With him, my goal is to find someone in life who will provide him with structure and love. Ideally, someone who enjoys spending time with their pets and doesn't plan to or currently have children. Someone who will work with him on his mindset and continue to set him up for success through setting boundaries and continuing the at-home training he needs. He doesn't like strange so someone who doesn't have a lot of foot traffic going in and out of the home would be best. Arty needs more than just a good life. Arty needs someone who can partner with him to help his anxiety and provide structure. He is an anxious little guy though very loving and snuggly once he warms up to someone.

Physical Description
Brown, white, tan with some brindle pattern on his coat.

Other Information
Arthur aka Arty is a Jack Russell Terrier Mix full of spunk and cuddles. Coming in at 35 lbs, he is strong and healthy. He enjoys belly rubs, behind the ear and under the chin scratches, and loves when he is mid-stretch, and you scratch just above the tail. He loves long walks, fetching sticks, and splashing at the lake. He won’t swim but will dig holes and splash around on the shoreline. Sunbathing, chewing toys, and chasing his best friend Chip in the yard are a few of his favorite things. He is vocal and is always willing to tell you what he is thinking. I have also awarded him the “Best Booper.” His curiosity about an object often leads to a good boop.

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