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Dog | Male | Age: 2.5 years | Spaniel and short hair border collie | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Ascher is sweet and submissive. He is also lively, energetic and funny. He requires daily exercise and a lot of loving. He's been in a four week board and train learning basic obedience training and will continue to need that as he is only two.

Other Animals
He lives with a golden retriever and they live well together.

Medical History
He's been neutered and is up to date with his shots. I'n not aware of any health issues.

Ideal Home
Maybe the only dog as he is quite jealous of Piper, the golden he lives with, liking all of the attention.

Physical Description
He is black and white, a cross between a short hair border collie and spaniel. If you google photos of short hair border collie he looks just like this.

Other Information
Ascher is an energetic young dog who will make a devoted forever dog with the right family.He has received a great start from the streets of Kentucky to where he is now and I will miss him terribly but happy to know he's going to a family that will love him as well.

phone: 734-649-5151


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