Cat | Male | Age: 7 | Domestic Short Hair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Loves to cuddle with you all day. He also talks to you and has very funny facial expressions when he does.

Other Animals
Benji has never lived with other animals so I cannot say whether he would get along with them or not.

Medical History
He is diabetic and needs insulin twice a day. He's not on any special diet. He has been diabetic since 2019 and has done very well with his insulin treatment.

Ideal Home
His ideal home is somewhere where he is probably the only pet. Also, with someone with either no kids or older kids. I had a baby a year ago and ever since then, he has been very stressed because he cannot have all my attention. Also needs a home with a consistent schedule since he does need insulin every 12 hours. When I was working from home it was very easy to stick to this schedule, but now that I am back in the office and I am traveling for work on top of the baby's schedule, it has become very hard to stick to the 12 hour insulin schedule. I can just tell that he is not as happy any more and I want him to get the love and attention that he needs. He was used to being my baby and I don't think the stress of having an actual baby in the home is good for his diabetes.

phone: 2622036918


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