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Bert (Bertie) 

Cat | Male | Age: 3 | American Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered

Bertie is a doofy love-bug who loves belly rubs, affectionate head-butting, toys, treats, and all people all the time. He has lots of youthful energy, but loves cuddle time and is a heavy sleeper. He purr-snores when he sleeps and kneads bread in the air when you pet him just right.

Other Animals
Bertie does fine with young (supervised) children and dogs large and small. Bert does not do well with other cats.

Medical History
Bertie is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and negative for FIV. He has a little bit of a cold and bad breath but he's getting better quickly after seeing the vet. Bertie recently suffered a neurotoxic reaction to a tick bite and is still a little wobbly on his feet but is otherwise fully recovered.

Ideal Home
Bertie was dropped off a farm and spent over a year living rough in the outdoors where he did not thrive. He was bullied by the other barn cats and now gets aggressively defensive around any other cat. His ideal home is indoors, preferably on your lap for the rest of his life. Bertie loves people so much he will sometimes cry if he can hear you but can't be near you. Despite the fact that he lived rough for a year he has a 100% litter box record since returning to the indoors.

Physical Description
Bertie is a handsome 10lb orange and white tabby with the plush soft belly of a teddy bear.

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