Cat | Female | Age: 5 or 6 | Not sure | Spayed/Neutered

We call her Bert and it fits her! She is a funky personality but incredibly affectionate and dedicated to us.

Other Animals
She did amazing with our Great Dane for his last 3 years with us. They were definitely buddies.

Medical History
Spayed. She does have a kidney issue that requires a prescription food, Science Diet C/D for urinary health. She is a little overweight at this time.

Ideal Home
We got her as a stray from the DCHS when she was appx a yr old. She has been indoor these 5 years but we believe she would be much happier with an indoor/outdoor home. She has shown us that she really wants to be outside as well and that's just not something we can provide her unfortunately. She likes to lounge on her own but also loves to snuggle with us on couch and in bed.

Physical Description
Amazing green eyes! Long hair, brownish black with some gray. She is larger. The SOFTEST cat ever, so many have commented on this. She has her claws. Has one busted tooth but two vets confirmed there is no concern and we've had no issues. She has a funny mane, just a quirky lady!

Other Information
She really is a wonderful cat! and we will miss her but we just can't provide her the best home and so hoping to find that indoor/outdoor home for her now.

phone: 608.215.7325


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