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Betty White 

Dog | Female | Age: 9 weeks | Great Maremma

Betty is one of our last pups available, she is sweet and a little sassy. She knows when she wants to be around people and when to keep a lookout for her people. Social, curious and a fast learner, she's one for all ages! Betty is a Great Maremma, Great Maremmas are superior livestock guardian dogs (also known as LGD’s). LGDs are typically large or giant breeds. Betty has a thick all-weather coat that makes it possible for him to spend most of his life working outdoors. They have a calm, patient, and alert demeanor and strong guarding instinct.

Other Animals
Betty has been acclimated to our 13 chickens by sharing a fence with them. In addition, she is friendly to the 4 kittens that we have. While we do not have livestock, our Great Maremmas are very content patrolling our farm. We have a doghouse but they rarely choose to use it.

Medical History

Ideal Home
Property with some acreage.

Physical Description
This is only our second litter and we really love the puppies, but are realizing that it's a lot of work so we probably won't have any more litters. You can meet the parents, they're super good dogs. We are not charging any rehoming fees.

Other Information
We are located in Southern WI.

phone: 6087124663


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