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Cat | Male | Age: Approximately 1.5-2 years old | Orange tabby | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Billie came to us either as a stray or was a drop-off. We live in a rural area and get cats like this every fall. Billie is cautious and takes a while to warm up and trust someone but when he does, he is very affectionate.

Other Animals
He currently lives in our workshop with one other cat names Ollie, who we also submitted a request to be rehomed.

Medical History
We took him to the SpayMe clinic where they neutered him, gave him shots, wormer, etc. They also tipped his left ear as he was a stray.

Ideal Home
As with Ollie, we would like him to live in a house with at least one person or a family.

Physical Description
Creamy orange tabby with white on face, chest, stomach, all 4 paws, tail.

Other Information
Billie is very cute. He loves to eat, probably because he was almost starving when he showed up at our place. He gets along with other cats - don't know how he would be with dogs. He lives in our heated workshop with our other tabby, Ollie. My husband takes care of these cats, for the most part, but he is in his late 80s and finds it increasingly hard to go out there and give them the time they need. They are well-cared for but must be very bored . We want them to have a life in a real home.

phone: 608-764-5022 (home) or 608-764-5022(John's cell)


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