Rodent | Male | Age: 6 Months | Dwarf Robo

Sweet, speedy, and the best at stuffing his cheek pouches with all the food.

Other Animals
Bingley was living in the same enclosure with what we thought was his sister when we thought he was a girl. He's not a girl and not we have 4 hamsters. So they got along a little too well.

Medical History
Very healthy. Too healthy maybe :P

Ideal Home
Big enclosure, loves running on the wheel, and making nests our of fluffy nesting material.

Physical Description
Brown with a white tail. We thought he was a female and had him in with his sister until we found some babies last week. Both of the babies seem to be girls so since we don't want to make any more babies so Bingley needs a new home.

phone: 6082078871


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