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Blue & Billy 

Bird | Male | Age: Unknown | Parakeet

Very spunky, with outgoing personalities towards each other, but are very timid and shy when it comes to physical contact with people. They are very talkative, and love treat bars and the sunlight!

Other Animals
They are very scared of cats and dogs

Medical History

Ideal Home
A home with lots of sunlight so they can enjoy the heat while in their cage. Preferably a separate room they can be let out of their cage (with temporarily covered windows/mirrors) in order to spread their wings. They also like a blanket draped over their cage at night to help them better sleep!

Physical Description
Blue- A green bird with a dark blue tail Billy- A light blue bird Why I am rehoming: I am going off to college this coming Fall (2022), and I will be unable to give my birds the proper care and attention that they deserve. This is very difficult for me because I love them very much, but I want to find them a loving home!

Other Information
These two need to be kept together, as they have formed a loving attachment to each other.

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