Rabbit | Male | Age: 6 | Not sure

Kind and gentle bunny that is fully trained.

Other Animals
We also have a yellow lab. They both get along great when the bunny is out of the cage.

Medical History
No medical conditions that we are aware of.

Ideal Home
A home that has kids that want to care for a loving bunny.

Physical Description
See photo

Other Information
We received the bunny (Bob) from a sorority house. He was already trained and we believed he was 3 when we got him (he is 6 now). Super friendly bunny. We are just too busy now that our kids are in high school. The bunny could use more attention that what he is getting the past year. We are hoping someone else is looking for a easy to care for pet. We would include everything we have for the bunny (free) to ensure he goes to a caring home.

phone: 6085760600


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