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Dog | Female | Age: 8 years young | Beagle, Rat Terrier and Basenji | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Breeze is 8yrs young, fully vetted and a very sweet girl. She can be shy at first, but once you break the ice with her, she is your best bud. One would think, oh 8yrs old is “elderly” for a dog. Uh, not for this kid. Breeze has a LOT of energy and is very athletic. She doesn't even act half her age. Breeze isn’t that “I want to be in your lap” kind of gal. Once she trusts you, she will lay next to your legs on a couch or bed. Other than that, she is always on the watch and she will have your back.

Other Animals
While she grew up being an only dog, she would do well (and would love) another dog or two to play with. Her owner passed away and she has been living with other dogs and cats for a couple of months. She has herding instincts, but is good with dogs and cats after proper introductions.

Medical History
She spayed and up to date with vaccines.

Ideal Home
The perfect type of home for Breeze? Well, put it this way..if you have chaos happening, she will be the first in charge. Her personality feeds off the environment. She is calm, when things are calm. She barely makes a peep, until she has to “take the helm” when things are crazy. She needs to make sure everyone is being "appropriate" so can be nosey. Breeze would do best in a calm, mature environment, if there are children, they should be dog savvy and respectful towards dogs.

Physical Description
30 lbs, has a nose like, and talks like a Beagle, the head of a rat terrier and tail of a basenji, and is focused more like the basenji.

phone: 608 385-1183


Please note that the animals in these listings have not been assessed medically or behaviorally. If you are considering bringing a new pet into your home, we strongly encourage you to request vet records and the animal’s full behavior history from the previous owner.