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Dog | Male | Age: 3 | Daschund mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Bruno is such a cuddly lovable dog. He loves to play with his toys and go on walks. Bruno is very attuned to his human, and will become fairly attached once he builds a bond with his person. Although bruno needs to be an only dog and shouldn't be in a home with children under say 8 or 9, due to agression he has toward them.. he tends to growl on walks when he sees other dogs, and has nipped at them when the invade his space or he feels threatened. Kids, he will growl at and is nervous around. Due to his need for a quiet home, he would thrive in one where that is provided. He needs someone who will be around often so they can persistently work with him on different challenges he currently has. He is fairly fearful of new people, and new situations. He also doesn't always eat and needs his person to sit next to him and say good boy to him to encourage him to eat. He needs someone loving and patient and he will be the same.

Other Animals
He growls at other dogs when he sees them, and I haven't seen him with cats. He has tried to nip at other dogs when they invade his space also.

Medical History
He has anxiety. He is on anxiety medicine when he is under stressful events. Such as going to visit the vet or get his nails trimmed. He is neutered. Up to date on shots and has no other past negativr medical history .

Ideal Home
His ideal home is an experienced owner, someone who is extremely loving, kind, and willing to be patient with him. Someone who is home regularly and often potentially someone who works remotely, or part time so they can provide him the attention and care he needs. He needs someone who can get him the training he needs. He tends to chew alot, even with chew toys or bully sticks and is something that he would need work with. He is very timid and shy. He doesn't like loud noises and becomes shaky and fearful if you yell or state a command in a manner that is firm (even though necessary) and needs someone to show him he is safe even with rules and limitations. He needs to be an only dog, he could potentially adapt to them with further training. He also needs to be with older kids if they are in home, a home without children would be ideal. He needs someone who is understanding and willing to sit with him when he eats and say good boy, to encourage him to eat. Love and support is huge.

Other Information
Again bruno needs an experienced owner. Someone who is around often and is very patient. Someone who won't become stressed or flustered with him and will be patient and loving instead. He needs positive reinforcement, any negative methods of training will not be tolerated and will make his behaviors worse. He needs someone extremely loving and able to give him an amazing life.

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