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Cat | Male | Age: 2-3 | Ginger tabby / DMH | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Sweet but spicy! Butterball is very affectionate but only on HIS terms. He will happily sleep on your lap, but if he wants his own space he will make sure you know it. He is very playful and loves to chase toys.

Other Animals
Butterball is picky about other cats and would probably be happier without any other felines in the house. He has lived with a dog and didn't seem to mind him at all.

Medical History
Butterball is NOT declawed, is fixed, and has no medical issues. He is on "kitty prozac" to help calm his spicy behavior.

Ideal Home
Butterball would be happy in a home with no younger children as his personal space needs to be respected and he is prone to lashing out if the mood takes him. He is used to being left on his own while his family is at work and is not particularly needy or clingy in that regard.

Physical Description
Butterball is a handsome ginger boy with a white chest and stripy tail.

Other Information
Butterball is looking for a new home due to not getting along with our other cats and because his unpredictable spiciness is not a good fit with our young children. He has lived for a few months with somebody else but they are moving away and are unable to take him. He is a very sweet guy, but his random crankies can make him a challenge in the wrong environment. However, he's bursting with personality and is an awesome companion. He also seems to like traveling and was with us in an RV for 2 weeks when we traveled out west - and he took it all in his stride.

phone: 608-513-8103


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