Cat | Male | Age: 10 Weeks | Domestic Shorthair

Button is very playful and mischievous. Once all tired out from playing he loves to snuggle up close to give you love!

Other Animals
Button has gotten along great with my dads Pit Bull/Cane Corso and they became best friends.

Medical History
He had an appointment on the 17th to be neutered but my landlord will not let me keep him until then.

Ideal Home
I would love Button to go to a home that would love him unconditionally. He has already moved 2 homes so I would love for the 3rd move to be his last. I would prefer him to go to a home with another animal because he does not like to be alone, I wish I could keep him but with my lease not allowing pets I just can’t. I would love to keep in contact if possible to see how big he gets, as I have grown quite attached.

Physical Description
Button is a Orange Domestic Shorthair/Tabby with bright green and hazel eyes.

Other Information
He is not quite used to hard food yet so I mix his soft food with the hard I am currently using IAMS Healthy Kitten hard and soft food.

phone: 6083336827

email: torrieann96@gmail.com

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