Cat | Female | Age: 6 | Domestic short hair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Carly is a sweet girl who has the cutest little noises when she talks. She likes to play with you. Shy at first but after adjusting she will sleep on you and lick you and head butt you.

Other Animals
Carly lived with another cat and she kept her distance but would sleep on the bed with dad and the other cat. I’m fostering her and we have a very patient dog and she’s getting used to her but mostly keeps her distance but she has also slept in the bed with me and the dog.

Medical History
Carly’s healthy, has her claws, and is up to date on her shots.

Ideal Home
I think Carly would love to be the center of attention. She didn’t grow up with dogs and she didn’t interact with her sister.

Physical Description
Carly has a beautiful dense super soft short coat. She doesn’t shed much. When I pet her hair doesn’t come off in my hand. She’s got reds, dark brown and light brown colors with one off-white mitten.

phone: 6082016291


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