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Dog | Female | Age: 2 | Beagle Mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

She is 2 years old. She is deaf, partially blind, has a neurological disorder, has allergies ( can only eat Salmon - allergic to all other protein) (also allergic to some dog soap) and due to her neurological disorder, the whole world is her toilet. I keep her in a diaper 24/7 while she’s in the house. As long as u have a schedule/ allow her free range- she most likely won’t use the bathroom in the house. I’ve taught her some sign language.

Other Animals
Yes loves other dogs. She has encountered cats and rabbits and just looks at them curiously. Shows no aggression towards other animals. I have an older dog who takes no interest In Carmela and seems annoyed by her. Would be ideal to have a dog who is young and full of energy like her!

Medical History
Up to date on all vaccines. Currently has some anal gland issues. Has allergies. Can only eat Salmon as protein. Allergic to organic dog soap.

Ideal Home
Someone who works from home. She needs a fenced in back yard. It would be ideal if she is allowed to go in and out as she pleases so the accidents inside home are minimal.

Other Information
SHE IS SPECIAL NEEDS! And no kids, she has energy level 100000 and sometimes when she is excited she forgets her training and might hurt a kid (she’s a giant and doesn’t know her strength). Currently have her on 100 MG of trazadone, I use it for car rides, trips to the vet. She has been kicked out of grooming services because she doesn’t stay still. I take her bath myself- treats are a MUST with her. She does pretty good in the shower with me. She has been kicked out of Daycare twice. I take her to a small daycare with max 5-6 dogs and she does great there. Once she loves you, she loves you. She wants to be around you at all times. She is crated trained for the most part. But she will sometimes pee/poop in her crate and sleep on her business. That’s why I have her in diapers all the time.

phone: 862 236 7095


Please note that the animals in these listings have not been assessed medically or behaviorally. If you are considering bringing a new pet into your home, we strongly encourage you to request vet records and the animal’s full behavior history from the previous owner.