Cheeky and Twilight 

Rodent | Female | Age: 2 | Peruvian and Abyssinian

We’ve had the pleasure to be Cheeky and Twilight’s Guinea parents for two years. Both came into our home when they were just babies. In those two years, I have observed them to be quite shy and skittish. That’s understandable as they are mainly prey animals and is always on the lookout for danger. It wasn’t until just a few months ago I noticed Twilight being more courageous and coming out of her shell. Twilight is adventurous and smart. She has the potential to learn tricks if you can dedicate the time. Cheeky is super lovely and independent. She loves being by herself, but also quickly misses Twilight once she realizes she's without her. Most of the time when they’re not eating, you’ll find them hiding and taking naps.

Other Animals
They have never been exposed to other animals.

Medical History

Ideal Home
Accepting Twilight and Cheeky comes with great responsibility. Cheeky and Twilight have had the privilege to live a spoiled lifestyle in our home. They love baby spring mix (green mix lettuces) and carrots. I feed them fresh veggies at least 2 – 3 times a day. Their haystack is always fresh and never stale. They will expect and ask you to hand feed them seed heads every day. THEY ARE SEED HEADS ADDICTS!!! They both love to pick out all the “goodies” from their pellet bowl before they resort to the hay pallets. This also gets replenished every day. They’re super picky eaters and will only stick to what they know or love. We tried many other veggies, but I will save you some time and money by telling you they probably won’t care to try new foods. I am adamant about ensuring both will continue to live their best life with minimal change to their diets. We pay great attention and allow them to roam in our home. Although they never step out farther than a 10 feet radius, they love the extra space and freedom to explore. We never leave them alone for more than 48 hrs. If we must, we send them to a boarding facility. Cheeky is a longhair guinea pig and requires you to trim her hair once every 1-2 months. Also, since her hair is more prone to tingle especially by the butt area, you will need to bathe her. Twilight does a pretty good job at self-grooming. More details can be given later.

Physical Description
See photos. I considered both to be petite guinea pigs.

Other Information
Additional info will provide during the inquiry. I receive many spam phone calls, please feel free to text.

phone: 920-254-3403


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