Clifford James 

Cat | Male | Age: 9mo - 1 yr | DSH | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

He is friendly and loves to be held.

Other Animals
cats ok ; dogs unsure, has not been tested yet

Medical History
FeLV negative (9/22/21) FIV POSITIVE (9/22/21) Healthy. Treated for ear mites with revolution plus (9/15/21) Healthy. Fecal negative (9/1/21). Stray in CrossPlains Wisconsin.

Ideal Home
Home with people who don't mind a cat that loves to be held and loved. He can be a little demanding of attention.

Physical Description
Grey white with some black. Weights 8#.

Other Information
Clifford James Hello Potential Hooman Family, I am looking for a home. I think I am about 9mo – 1 year old and have been neutered. I have my FVRCP and 1 year rabies. I need another FVRCP to complete my series. I have been FeLV/FIV tested. I came up positive for FIV. This means I am at more risk for other disease such as upper respiratory viruses, dental problems, and anything that challenges my immune system. It is hard for me to pass this to any other cat. I will need some immune support such as a good diet, immune supplements, and good dental care for the rest of my life. I need to be indoors. Originally I came from the outside , maybe a farm. I have been given revolution. I had ear mites but they are gone. I HAVE NOT been microchipped but I would suggest it since I know if I am your boi you will not want to misplace me. I get along with other cats but have not been introduced to dogs yet. I am friendly and want to be held most of the time. I like toys and looking out the window. I am being feed a veterinary diet that is fed to my foster family at this time. However I really want my own home. You can contact Marila Veterinary Clinic at or call 608-616-4456.

phone: 608-798-1887


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