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Danno (blue) & Paco (whitish) 

Bird | Female | Age: roughly two years | Budgie/Parakeet

They are very chatty and talk a lot. Used to a fairly noisy environment and seem happy in it. They like a big cage, and are generally active fluttering around a lot of the day. Sleep very regularly when it gets dark with a covered cage.

Other Animals
Pretty comfortable/used to dogs.

Medical History
I have never needed to take them to the vet - they have always been healthy.

Ideal Home
Most importantly, they should only be adopted together. I would like for them to go to a home that is more comfortable with birds than I am - someone that can spend hands-on time with them. If not that, someone willing and eager to learn and put the time into training them to be let out of the cage, etc.

Physical Description
Danno is a mix of very bright blue and white with black-ish markings; Paco is almost white with a hint of other colors.

Other Information
My first two parakeets (around 4-5 years old) were rescues that had no other options, so I took them in, but I am not really experienced or comfortable with birds and I don't think they're living their best life with me. I was very attached to my first two birds, and these two have just seemed to make me sadder about losing them, so I feel like I don't spend the time with them that they deserve. I adopted Danno when my first adopted parakeet died so his companion would not be lonely. Then my second parakeet died, so I got Paco so Danno would not be lonely, so they have always been around one another. They don't come out of their cage because I can't get them back in, and my training efforts have never been very successful. They can 100% come along with all of their supplies: their large cage; two other medium and small cages I have to move them for cleaning and the like; plenty of different toys; cleaning spray; perch covers; millet and bird seed (they've only ever eaten Zupreem); bird bath; a variety of watering and feeding containers; two heated perches; medical spray; water supplement drops; and a soft nest bed.

phone: 615-785-6558


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