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Darcy and Lizzie 

Cat | Male | Age: 6 years | Domestic shorthair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Darcy (male) and Lizzie (female) were strays brought in at about 6 months. They have done tremendously well in socializing for the 6 years I've had them. They continue to easily startle, but also easily recover. They play well with me and each other. They use their litter boxes consistently and do not scratch anything but their scratching posts. They rarely jump up on counters and never try to eat food off the counter (though Darcy won't say no to being given a little people food every now and then). Lizzie loves running water and drinking out of a faucet.

Other Animals
They have rarely been around other animals since I've had them, but are afraid of dogs.

Medical History
Lizzie has chronic, but stable kidney disease, for which she eats a kidney diet. They are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, and a full report from recent vet exam is available. They are not declawed.

Ideal Home
An ideal home would be without children or other animals.

Physical Description
Mr Darcy is almost completely black. Miss Elizabeth Bennet (Lizzie) is great and white.

Other Information
I am going to miss my kitties very much, but Darcy and Lizzie need a new home urgently, as I have become ill and will soon start chemo. My mother is also enrolling in hospice at the same time. They need a loving home and a new owner able to take care of them.

phone: 608-512-9811


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